Car Washing and Detailing

man cleaning a car

Here at Cleaning Services Camarillo, we don’t just provide in house or indoor cleaning services, we are also the premier service providers for car washing and detailing professional solutions in Camarillo, CA and the greater area. Our crew makes it simple to never drive in a car that is not clean ever again. Given our professionalism, thoroughness, affordability and convenience, we’ll come to you and provide a mobile car washing service after just a phone call. Give us a call right now if you’d like us to stop by and provide our top notch mobile car washing and detailing services!

Wash Packages
Our services for car washing and detailing are tiered and ranked based on what you’d like from our professional technicians. All of them are highly affordable compared to our competition, and much nicer! We take a great deal of pride in our professionalism, which is why we provide these various wash packages for your convenience. Get as much or as little as you want to, the only thing that is a sure thing is that your car will look fantastic after our pros get done with it! To learn more about our various wash packages, check out the different levels below.

With our bronze wash service package, you get our most affordable option, yet it is still supremely professional and will make your car look great. You still get a variety of options with our bronze wash service packages that our customers are often very happy wish. Just check out our testimonials to see some of our satisfied customers! With the bronze level wash service package, you get an exterior car wash, a rim and tire shine, interior vacuum, interior window clean and thorough wipe down of all your surfaces. This is all for an incredibly low rate, and we come to you!

Here at Cleaning Services Camarillo, the step up from the bronze level wash service package to the next one is our silver level wash service package. With the silver level wash service package, you get a variety of services, including all of those listed under bronze. These include cleaning and conditioning interior leather seats, light carpet cleaning, stain removal, dashboard cleaning and conditioning, clay bar polish and hard coat hand wax. Your car will look fantastic when we’re done with it, and all of this is done at more affordable rates than that of our competition, and at a higher quality!

The gold level wash service package is our top service package the we provide here at Cleaning Services Camarillo. Not only do you get everything in the gold package that you would get in the bronze and silver level service packages, but you also get some really high level, luxury service items as well. These include paint polish, hybrid ceramic sealant, exterior plastic dressing with UV protection. Show your car some love and treat it to our premium care package today!

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