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Here at Cleaning Services of Camarillo, we understand that our commercial clients need our services as much as anyone. Imagine if a sprinkler head breaks in your office or place of business or there’s a leak of some sort that creates a huge mess. Are you going to be able to stay open? How is this going to impact operations? These are some understandable questions our commercial customers are asking themselves when they rely on our fast, affordable and professional services. We also offer regular commercial cleaning services that make sure to get every nook and cranny to make your place of business spotlessly clean.
Heavy Traffic
As we all know, commercial buildings have a large amount of people and foot traffic coming through them during normal working days and working hours. We’re talking about public buildings, stores, restaurants, offices and other commercial spaces where people pass through regularly in crowds. With so many people including customers, employees and normal visitors casually strolling through, we don’t often imagine just how dirty it can get and just how quickly. With that amount of foot traffic, it is exceedingly important to keep the commercial area clean. That’s where we come in at Cleaning Services Camarillo.
Janitorial Cleaning
It’s well known that the cleanliness of a commercial space – whether that be a retail store or other space, office, training facility, station or anywhere else – can and does impact the way customers and visitors view the space. Particularly for business owners, you have to keep your commercial space clean at all times. That is why we at Camarillo Cleaning Services offer premier but affordable commercial janitorial cleaning services on a daily basis. Make sure your business is properly looked after and hygienic every single day of the week. This way you won’t be turning away potential customers. Call us today to discuss health and safety options.
Commercial Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning is a specialized service because no matter how thorough your janitorial services are – and no matter how thoroughly you clean the office each day – commercial buildings themselves need to be deep cleaned in order to maintain proper standards of hygiene. Regular janitor services don’t cover the dirt that is deep, deep down. You require special equipment and special service providers for that. If you are a business owner or property manager and are interested in our commercial deep cleaning services, give us a call today to set up your appointment. This is a great way to maintain a safe and healthy commercial space for an affordable price.
Disinfection/COVID-19 Cleaning
During these trying times, it is important to have professional and reliable disinfect services that you can call any time. It is crucial to not only provide a clean and healthy environment inside your commercial building, but also to make sure it is not contaminated with highly contagious viruses. Cleaning alone will do surface level cleaning like clear away dirt and dust and make things look better, but only disinfection services are guaranteed to kill harmful bacteria and keep your commercial space safe and healthy for your employee, customers and visitors.
​Call us today for a consultation on how we can help you keep your commercial space clean, healthy and safe.

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