House Cleaning in Camarillo, CA

man cleaning a carpet

Here at Cleaning Services of Camarillo, we believe that house cleaning should be neat, thorough and professional looking. We want you to be able to tell that our cleaning crew has been on the job, and that’s why we leave our residential customers with sparkling clean houses at the conclusion of our professional house cleaning service provision. We even offer couch cleaning services and carpet cleaning services. Hire our maid service today. You won’t regret hiring the most professional – and affordable – house cleaning service providers in all of Camarillo, CA and the surrounding area.

Regular Cleaning
With our regular house cleaning services, you can let us help you take a load off. Why do all of that house work when you have a highly affordable professional service anxious to do an exquisite job for you? Sign up today for our regular house cleaning services. We offer monthly, biweekly and weekly service packages. Whether you’re just looking for a little bit of house cleaning help or if you’re just done with the whole thing, our house cleaning services are designed to fit your scheduling needs. Call today to find out more about our regular cleaning service offerings.

Deep Clean
Our home cleaning is not just about tidying up a little bit, dusting here, vacuuming there. Of course we provide a thorough tidying, dusting and vacuuming, however our complete service offering is far more comprehensive than that. Our regular house cleaning services are fully comprehensive and designed to provide you with an authentically deep clean. This means we remove bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. Our services will enable a cleaner bill of health as we will remove allergens and other potentially hazardous substances during our cleaning. We also eliminate unwanted pests. Call us today for more information about our thorough deep cleaning house services.

Our professional cleaners at CSC want you taking comfort in knowing that all of our staff – every one of our licensed professionals – are fully insured and bonded. This means that all of your property and items are protected from damage and theft, injuries that occur on site at your location and any other liability while we are working at the job site. Each professional that we employ must meet our high standards and treats you and your house with the proper and deserved respect and appreciation. Our operation is intended to be worry free.

One Time Cleaning
In addition to our monthly, biweekly and weekly cleaning service options, we also provide one time or occasional cleaning service options to use on demand whenever you like. Occasions for professional one time cleaning are typically for big deals. Maybe a new baby is on the way, a family member is visiting or you are setting up for a move and need to show your house just like Nottingham end of tenancy cleaning. Either way, you do not need to get our regular services in order to enjoy the deep clean that is our trademark here at Cleaning Services of Camarillo. Call today to set up your one-time cleaning appointment.

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